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Twenty-something half-sisters Mona and Dee Dee grow up separately, then become neighbors helping them realize that despite their different upbringings they share more similarities than they thought.

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May 18th 5:30a ET

The Big Dose of Reality Episode

In an attempt to win Mona's respect and stop living off her father's largesse, Dee Dee takes a job as a waitress. Meanwhile, Phyllis persuades Mona to give a video-dating service a try.

May 18th 5:00p ET

The Big Award Episode

Dee Dee persuades Mona to attend a banquet that's being held in honor of their father, but the experience reminds Mona that she's the odd one out within her dad's "new" family.

May 18th 5:30p ET

The Big Sistah Sans Soul Episode

While at a club with Spencer, Mona meets the hunky Miles. They hit it off, but their budding romance quickly trips up over matters of taste: For one, she enjoys Dawson's Creek, while he prefers BET. After a night on the dance floor, where Mona displays her lack of rhythm, Miles breaks up with her...

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