Everybody Hates Chris

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A young African-American teen attempts to survive with his dysfunctional family and his all-white school in the 1980s.

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Jun 13th 1:00a ET

Everybody Hates James

Julius realizes that the key to keeping Rochelle happy in their marriage is getting advice from "The Oprah Winfrey Show". Unfortunately, the plan backfires when Rochelle equates Julius' new attitude with an extramarital affair.

Jun 13th 1:30a ET

Everybody Hates New Year's Eve

Chris is determined to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square, but Rochelle says Chris can only go if he finds a responsible adult to accompany him.

Jun 13th 1:00p ET

Everybody Hates Mr. Levine

When Rochelle orders a copy of her birth certificate, she realizes that she is actually one year younger than she thought she was and decides to start living her life with a new, younger attitude.

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