One on One

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One On One is a hilarious comedy that features Flex Washington (Flex Alexander), a local sports caster and ladies man, who takes on the challenge of raising his sassy 14 year old daughter Breanna (Kyla Pratt). The series takes a fresh and modern look at the life of a single parent by putting a whole new spin on today's father/daughter relationship.

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Feb 22nd 3:30a ET

Espresso Your Love

Breanna and Arnaz learn they are complete opposites after taking a compatibility test on Valentine's Day. Sara launches a dating service.

Feb 22nd 2:00p ET

Tijuana Break Up?

As Breanna and Arnaz decide to take a break from their relationship, things get uncomfortable when D-Mack's sister Michelle shows up and makes a connection with Arnaz, causing Breanna to become jealous. Meanwhile, the stubborn roommates can't decide whose turn it is to go shopping, so instead of giving in, they hoard whatever food and coffee they have for themselves.

Feb 22nd 2:30p ET

Dump Me? Dump You!

Things turn ugly when the roommates twist Arnaz and Breanna's amicable break-up into a fight over who dumped whom, and making matters worse, Arnaz and Michelle start spending time together, leading a jealous Breanna to confront Michelle to find out what she really wants with Arnaz. Meanwhile, after seeing Arnaz's passion for music, Michelle realizes she must follow her own dreams and enlists her brother D-Mack's help in dealing with their parents.

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