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The sensational Grammy award winning singer/actress Brandy Norwood stars as Moesha Mitchell, a vivacious young woman juggling romance, college, ever-changing family dynamics and friendships.

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Apr 13th 5:30a ET

Model Employee

In need of money, Hakeem gets Moesha a job at the clothing store where he works. But the new manager begins to take advantage of Moesha.

Apr 13th 4:00p ET

Mo's Money, Mo' Money, Mo's Money

Moesha starts paying for her own telephone, cable and new furniture and Frank is happy that he doesn't have to pay for it, but Dee doesn't like what she sees.

Apr 13th 4:30p ET

This Time You've Gone Too Far

Moesha and her friends all decide to take a road trip to Sea World, but their trip ends abruptly after Chris causes them to get kicked out of the amusement park. So they all decide to travel to Mexico instead of going home. While in Mexico, the gang enjoys themselves until Moesha looses Morgan's car keys and Moesha is faced with the decision to call her parents. Meanwhile, J.W. and Andell are invited over to dinner, by Dee, to celebrate their anniversary of their first date; much to Frank's chagrin.

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