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The sensational Grammy award winning singer/actress Brandy Norwood stars as Moesha Mitchell, a vivacious young woman juggling romance, college, ever-changing family dynamics and friendships.

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May 18th 3:30a ET

The Play Scene

After her teacher gives her a 'D' on her creative writing assignment, Moesha writes a screenplay; imagining a world in 1945 where jazz and blues are the setting.

May 18th 3:00p ET

Use Me Once, Shame On You. Use Me Twice I'll Kill Ya

Q, Hakeem and Kim decide to merge their talents together and create their own group CPQ. After seeing her friends perform at The Den, Moesha decides to invite Haley, whose father is a record producer, to hear her friends sing, but she risks losing a friend in Haley who feels that Moesha is using...

May 18th 3:30p ET

Keepin' It Real

Moesha's new classmate, Jeremy Davis, shows an interest in her, but he later disappoints her when he tries too hard to impress her friends. Meanwhile, Dee goes on strike after no one seems to help her out around the house.

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