Sister, Sister

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Tia and Tamera are identical twins separated at birth and reunited as teens.

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Feb 22nd 1:30a ET

For the People

Ray calls in a veteran campaign consultant, Clifton McNair, to kick his candidacy into gear; but the unscrupulous campaign manager soon teaches the family that the way to the state senate is an arduous road with no rest stops on the way.

Feb 22nd 12:00p ET

Twins or Consequences

A chemistry mid-term is coming up and instead of studying, Tamera decides to go out and party, when morning approaches Tamera is to worn out and can't remember anything that she studied because of her partying. Tamera begs Tia to take her mid-term for her, but if caught Tia and Tamera could both face expulsion from college.

Feb 22nd 12:30p ET

Mixed Doubles

Tyreke wins four tickets to "Ragtime"; Lisa is attracted to Ray's frat buddy.

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