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Girlfriends is a popular half-hour comedy series about four women and the strong bonds of friendship.

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May 17th 10:30p ET

Coming to Terms

Joan fears she has hit an all-time low after she holds a "Bring Your Ex" party, but doesn't get a single phone number. She eventually winds up swearing off men to train for a marathon. Maya still struggles to get Darnell to talk to her after a month apart. William threatens to throw Lynn out of...

May 18th 9:00a ET

Getting Our Act Together

Maya and Darnell seek marriage counseling from their minister. They find the counseling pointless, but engage in an afternoon tryst that has an overly enthusiastic Maya convinced that they are going to reunite soon. Lynn finds work as a bartender, despite the fact that she has no idea what she's...

May 18th 9:30a ET

Secrets and Eyes

Toni objects when Joan plans a birthday party for her. In the midst of their argument, Toni inadvertently reveals that she has been lying about her age for years. Joan and company tease Toni relentlessly about being older, and she grows insecure about her looks. After a disastrous Botox session,...

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